Chicailovefoxy is both a DeviantArt user and a FNaF Wikia user, who claims to be Chica, and also ships Chica X Foxy. She makes drawings on DeviantArt, plus FaceQ creations that are filled with cringe. She also enjoys making pictures of her shipping: Foxy and Chica getting married, their babies, and lots more. When a couple of us fellow cringers tried to correct her, she ended up thinking they were all haters, and said that they needed to die and they were stupid. She also flagged a bunch of comments for no reason.

Chicailovefoxy also owns a roleplay on the Wikia, which is named the "Foxica Roleplay," which includes fully-functional animatronics walking around in the daytime, making love with each other, even though there are dead corpses inside of those animatronics.

One time, she admitted somewhere that she was only 12 in the Wikia. Her account was disabled, yet she made an account named "Chicailovefoxythefox" to ban-evade her last one. She also decided to blame user TheoryGuy for getting her account disabled. Admin TheBaldEagle banned her, and Chicailovefoxythefox was disabled.

Chicailovefoxy's DeviantArt account is still running to this day.