Doaler4 was the name of a Reddit user who created, and later canceled, Five Night's at Loki's.

Origin Edit

Doaler4 used to be a "non-cringey" user until he got jealous of Emilmacko, a popular FNaF fanimatronic modeler. Doaler at the time was creating the fan-game "Five Nights at Loki's", and was scared that it was going to be a massive flop because it was not #1 on GameJolt. He claimed his models were more accurate than Scott Cawthon (creator of Five Nights at Freddy's) and Emilmacko. He has also claimed that his game was going to fail because Scott gave more support to Emilmacko than himself.

Later, he made a post about a nightmare he had.

"I need help. I had this nightmare where people disliked my game Five Nights at Loki's and its animatronics and said that /u/Emilmacko was better."

The post was obviously in very poor taste towards Emilmacko. After that post, the cringey Doaler4 we all know was born.